The Bull Arm Site Hiring Process for Trades Workers

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As required by the federal and provincial Atlantic Accord legislation, full and fair opportunity for employment on the Hebron Project must be provided to qualified Canadians. Consistent with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, qualified Newfoundland and Labrador residents shall be given first consideration for employment and training.  The hiring process also recognizes the importance of gender equity and diversity in the workplace.

Trades workers will be hired in the following order of priority for construction/fabrication work on the Bull Arm Site:

Priority 1 - Qualified members of the 16 Building Trades Unions, who are Newfoundland and Labrador residents and on the unions’ out-of-work lists

A Newfoundland and Labrador resident is a Canadian or landed immigrant whose principal residence is in the province. Principal residence is the place where the worker maintains a dwelling, house or similar place of residence where the worker generally eats and sleeps.

Contractors have the right to select their Forepersons and General Forepersons from the unions’ out-of-work lists (100%).

Hiring of trades workers shall be done in cooperation with the unions.  Sixty percent (60%) will be name hired in union priority sequence from the union’s out-of-work list.  The remaining forty percent (40%) can be selected by the contractor in any order from the union’s out-of-work list.  Under this process, the union shall select the first worker from the list, and the contractor shall select the second worker from the list. The union shall select the third and fourth workers from the list and the contractor shall select the fifth worker from the list. This sequence shall be repeated for all the remaining hires from the list. 

If a union is unable to supply the workers required within three (3) consecutive days, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory Holidays, the contractor may hire qualified workers from other sources.

Priority 2 - Qualified Newfoundland and Labrador residents who are not members of the Building Trades Unions

Qualified individuals, including apprentices and members of the designated groups (women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities) are encouraged to submit their resume at  and

Priority 3 - Qualified Canadian workers, who are members of affiliated Unions of the Building Trades

Priority 4 - Qualified Canadian workers

Priority 5 - Qualified legal residents of the United States of America, who are members of Unions affiliated to the Council of Unions and who are authorized to enter and work in Canada

Priority 6 - Other qualified non-Canadian workers who are authorized to enter and work in Canada

All hiring is to be done through the Building Trades Union office.  Workers must be in possession of a referral slip from the union office in order to be employed.  All workers must be cleared through the appropriate union prior to commencing work and, as a condition of employment, must comply with all rules and regulations of that union.  Workers in Priorities 2, 4 and 6, however, are not required to become members of a union.  They must be given the option to make application to become members. Whether these workers become a member or not, they are required to pay union dues and assessments as a condition of employment.