Contracting Strategy - Civil Works

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2. GBS Construction (Civil Works)

The Hebron GBS Project civil work scope will require the placement of several subcontracts and purchase orders necessary to accomplish the construction of the reinforced concrete/GBS structure elements. Major civil packages are as follows:

Reinforcing Steel Supply and Fabrication

The scope of this subcontract includes the supply, fabrication and delivery of reinforcing steel required for the concrete GBS.  The subcontractor will furnish all supervision, labour, materials, equipment and incidentals for completion of this work.  The approximate total quantity of rebar to be supplied is 44,000 tonnes, over an estimated 2 year duration.  This subcontract has been awarded. Placement of GBS rebar at Bull Arm began in Q1-2013.

Supply of Concrete Mix Design Cements, Aggregates, and Admixtures

All concrete mix for the GBS structure will be batched on site. In 2012, a number of purchase order contracts were awarded for the supply of cement, cement replacements, coarse and fine aggregates, and chemical admixtures.

Design, Supply and Fabrication of Concrete Slipforming System

Concrete construction of the GBS structure will be accomplished utilizing a continuous slipforming technique and system. In 2012, a subcontract was awarded for the supply of forming system materials and equipment.

GBS Skirt

The skirt is a plated steel structure which will provide foundation stability to the GBS. The skirts will be fabricated in module sections totaling 159 units weighing approximately 2300 kg each.  KKC has awarded the contract for the fabrication and delivery of the steel skirts, this work is now complete.

3. GBS Construction (Mechanical Outfitting)

4. Marine Operations