Contracting Strategy - Site Operations

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1. Early Work, Site Upgrades and Site Operations

KKC are responsible for the reactivation of the Bull Arm Fabrication Facility, specifically the GBS construction work site and supporting common areas including the following:

  • Dry dock area including:  design and construction of bund wall, dewatering and re-establishment of  dry dock facility , and ancillary facilities supporting  GBS construction including warehouses and workshops
  • Long lead equipment including concrete batch plants and tower cranes
  • Bull Arm common areas and facilities such as the camp accommodations, security facilities, medical clinic and fire hall, power, potable water distribution,  sewage treatment, telecommunications  system infrastructure
  • Deep Water Site including facilities such as security gates, service facilities (ferry accesses), laydown area, potable water distribution and sewage treatment, post tensioning shop , GBS mooring points

Dry Dock

Bund Wall Engineering

The engineering services for the design of the bund wall for the re-establishment of the dry dock area was competitively bid in early 2011.  This contract has been awarded and the work is complete. The Dry Dock was successfully dewatered in Q3-2012.

Bund Wall Construction Materials / Equipment

Total scope of work for the supply of aggregate for the bund wall consisted of approximately 400,000 tonnes of aggregate and the marine shipping of aggregate materials to the Bull Arm site. This work is complete.

Other Dry Dock Packages:

Refurbishment of existing building and shops was competitively bid and awarded, and is now complete.

Long Lead Equipment

The GBS concrete batch plants and GBS tower cranes were long lead equipment items that were included in the Early Works scope. Both of these packages were competitively bid and awarded. Equipment has been delivered, installed and commissioned.

Camp and Common Areas

The two largest common area packages the Construction Camp and Camp Management and Services contracts.

Two packages were identified:

  • Design, Supply and Install Construction Camp – for the provision of a 400-bed camp with a core facility to accommodate 800-persons, commissioned in June 2013, with options to expand an additional 400- beds.  This work was awarded in Q2-2012.
  • Camp Management and Services including catering, housekeeping, and camp management services. This work was awarded in Q1-2013.

Other camp and common area facility related packages that have been awarded include the following:

  • Camp security services
  • Third party medical services
  • New site buildings (office complex)
  • Sewage treatment plant upgrades
  • Site telecommunications
  • Site power and electricity

2. GBS Construction (Civil Works)

3. GBS Construction (Mechanical Outfitting)

4. Marine Operations