Supplier Qualification Matrix

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Section 45 of the Canada-Newfoundland Atlantic Accord Implementation Acts requires that the Hebron Project Owners, their contractors, subcontractors and suppliers provide full and fair opportunity to Canadian companies with first consideration given to those from Newfoundland and Labrador in the provision of goods and services to the Hebron Project.

One of KKC’s commitments with respect to procurement and contracting is to ensure early and adequate communication with the supply and service sector about upcoming business opportunities and encouraging supplier development. The sector can then prepare to bid on work and ensure they have the appropriate systems and processes in place.

The information contained in the links on this page was developed to assist in informing potential subcontractors and suppliers to the project of the expectations that KKC has for companies that it works with. Qualifications are broken down by discipline and in many cases vary by tier. First tier subcontractors and suppliers often have additional requirements than do lower tier companies however this is not always the case. Please click on the links below to read more about KKC’s expectations for first, second and third tier subcontractors and suppliers.*

*The following definitions explain these terms:

  • A first tier subcontractor is a contractor with a contract directly with KKC
  • A second tier subcontractor is a subcontractor to a KKC subcontractor
  • A third tier subcontractor is a sub to a sub of a KKC subcontractor
  • An example of a first, second, and third tier subcontractor relationship is as follows:
    • First tier supplier is contracted by KKC to fabricate mechanical outfitting components
    • a second tier supplier (to the first tier supplier) provides the materials (e.g. steel plate/shapes)
    • a third tier supplier (to the second tier supplier) is the steel mill that produces the steel supplied to the steel distributor (second tier supplier)